It Came From The Bath Room

   It was it was Thursday, 9 o’clock pm and I was getting ready for bed. I was coming up from the living room when I noticed an eerie glow coming from behind the bathroom door. Acting brave and stupid at the same time I went to go look. I pushed my black hair out of my face and said to my self ” what is that weird smell?”. A noxious odor crept into my nose leaving its wretched stench behind. 

    I felt like I was gonna vomit from the horrible fumes but managed to get my self together. My hand touched the door knob, I gulped and my heart began to jump out of my chest. “here goes nothing.” 

I slowly started turning it and a cold chill went down my back. The door flung open, and I gave out a girlish scream “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I saw the most horrifying thing in all of my 10 year old life.    

    A green slimy monster with a turban on its head and a cloth wrapped around it’s body. The monster gave out a ghastly cry of rage and disgust. The monster looked at me like a bull would look at a matador before it is about to strike. 

The monster cried out “what are you doing in here!”, but before I gave the monster an answer I was already down the hallway and around the corner.

   The monster chased me through room after room until we reached the dinning room. I was trying to defend myself by arming myself with a spatula. I swung it wildly at the thing, the monster was screaming “Gimme that you doing you little creep!”.

The monster lunged it self at the me, and with out thinking I threw the spatula at the thing and to my surprise it hit it right between the eyes. I shouted “yes a bulls eye!!!”.

    With all the commotion going on down stairs my parents came running down. “what is going on here!” the mom cried. “Mom Dad!!” I yelled “there’s a monster in the house!, look look its right there!”

“What are you talking about” said my dad now with a confused look on his face. I pointed to the monster on the floor which now that I really looked at it, it kinda looked like my sister Gwen.

    “Gwen is that you” Joseph said in disbelief. “yes it is me you Little dork, what were you thinking?” “I don’t know you just looked so gross with that green stuff on your face, what it is it any way?” “its called a face mask, it cleans your pores duh”

    Joseph look at her face expecting to see the green stuff move. He held out his finger and pressed it against her face, he rubbed the slimy stuff between his fingers then lightly smeared a little bit on his face. “what are you doing” said the Dad. Joseph looked up at his family and said “it tingles.”

    My parents look at each other and exchanged odd looks to each other. “Joseph you have an over active imagination”said my mom. “you have to stop eating junk food before your bed time its obviously affecting you” added my dad. Now say your sorry to your sister”

   “but mom I thought she was a monster how was I supposed to now it was just a face mask”. “your mom said to apologise” said dad “yeah say sorry to me my perfect face is no ruined because of you”. I took a deep breath clenched my fists and slowly but surly those words came out of my mouth “Im……..sor……….ry”


The Death of Pancho

“you always had a better life than me” a gunshot as loud as thunder went off, the near by festival into a state of chaos. people tried to run off trying to escape the gunshots. As the ran off the kept hearing more and more gunshots in the distance. the people that stayed went to look at the place were the shots were fired. every one fell silent in the crowed. a women named Guadalupe pushed her way though the crowd. she gave out a cry of agony and threw her self over her husbands Pancho’s body’s. 3 hours earlier

“Pancho were are you going we need to finish preparing for the festival” said Guadalupe. Pancho replied don’t worry ill be back soon I’m going to go buy some drinks for the festival. On his way to the store Pancho ran into his little brother victor, Pancho told him ill see you in the festival, victor gave Pancho an odd look and said yeah I’ll see you there. Well he began his walk to the store he wonder why his brother victor had gave him an odd look, he said to himself did I do something wrong. when he reached the store he started to talk to the store owner “hey hows business” Not so great some one broke into the store and stole a 357 magnum and about 200 bullets luckily that’s all they stole” said the store owner while looking at the floor. “I wonder what they need a gun for I just hope no one get hurt”replied Pancho.

After he bought the drinks he went back home to help his wife. “Guadalupe lets start to set up the things the people should be getting here soon. They set up the tables, and start hanging up decorations. “Hurry Pancho the festival is about to start and guest are arriving” “ok  I’m almost done” once the decorations were set and the guest arrived the party began. All the guest were having a great time and every one was dancing and playing music. kids were playing hide and go seek, and were playing with each other. Pancho and Guadalupe were dancing with everyone else, Pancho saw his brother with other guys behind him, and Pancho went up to his brother and invited victor to come and have some drinks and victor just ignored him.

Pancho put his hand on victor shoulder,”Pancho asked victor why are you acting strange” victor just backed away and left as if he wanted Pancho to follow him. Pancho fallowed his brother into the black dark corner in his backyard his brother victor said get away from me leave me alone and Pancho had kept bugging him and his brother had turn around and hit him. Pancho had got up from the floor with a mad look on his eye whats the matter with you, he tackled his brother with a great force knocking the wind out of him. They wrestled on the floor for about 5 minutes as the family try to stop them victor had  got up and walked away. After Pancho had cooled down he went out to apologize to victor.

When he saw his brother victor standing alone on a hill he went to talk to him, he called his name “Victor!” Victor turned around and pointed the 357 magnum that the store owner said some one stole at Pancho. “Victor what are you doing with that, put it down you don’t want to shot me” “Don’t tell me what to do you dont know what I go through, you have every thing a beautiful wife, a nice house and you have the respect of the town”. “what are you talking about you have the same things”replied Pancho “no I don’t you always had a better life than me”yelled Victor as he shot his only brother. the gun shot was a loud as thunder and was heard all the way to the festival.

People tried to run off trying to escape the gunshots. As the ran off the kept hearing more and more gunshots in the distance. The people that stayed went to look at the place were the shots were fired. every one fell silent at the sight of the gun shot body. Guadalupe pushed her way through the crowed when she saw her husbands body on the floor with 7 gun shots in his body she let out a cry of agony and threw her self over his body. people tried to get her of but she wouldn’t let them get a good hold on her. she layed there when she noticed someones feet standing right over her and the body.

It was victor holding the gun in his hand, his eyes were wide and dilated his mouth was open as if he couldn’t believe what he had down. Guadalupe stood up and punched Victor in the face “you low life scum bag. your gonna rote in jail for what you did” she punched a couple more time until some held her back. Two men tied Victors arms and took him to the police station, Victor never tried to resist. 1 month later he was sentenced to death.