My passions

    Shows, Japan and fashion my 3 greatest passions. When ever I go to a show, look at a fashion magazine or talk about Japan I get excited. I don’t why I love these things but I do know that I’ll continue loving these thing for the rest of my life. So let me tell you about my passions and why I feel so strongly about shows, Japan and fashion and were they will take me.

    Shows my first passion. I go to a lot of shows with my friends. I recently went to warped tour with my friends and saw my favorite band Circa Survive. I was in the front row, but the bad thing was that people kept pushing us and we almost got smashed. It was so worth it because I got to see Anthony Green (lead singer of Circa Survive) sing his heart out. Two weeks after that I went to Project Revolution and saw Saosin but shortly after I got the to stage I got pushed to the back by some tall hefty guy. After every show my friends and I try to meet the bands. So far I meet Chiodos and Circa survive, I took so many pictures with them I posted them on myspace. I love the adrenalin rush from meeting the bands. I spend a lot of money on tickets, albums and merchandise. The most I’ve spent so far is $250. What can I say I love the thrill and jaw dropping experience  of going to shows and there still so many I want to go to.

    Japan my second passion. Everything from there fashion to there technology.I first started Japanese things when I was 12. My friend showed me a Japanese cartoon, it was so colorful and full of detail. The cartoon was about a little boy and his giant cat named Totoro. The name of the cartoon is My Neighbor Totoro After that I couldn’t get enough of japan.One of the most beautiful things in Japan is the kimonos.The colorful design made of silk seems to float in the breeze. Each design on a kimono is so unique, no kimono is the same. I also love there technology. Japan always seems to be years ahead of any other country. With there advanced technology they create the most impressive video games. Even if another country invents something Japan always makes it better. When I’m older I plan to move to Japan. So if you don’t see me in the future I’m probably already over there.

    Fashion my last passion. fashion is my way of expressing my self. I always try to dress the way I feel. If I want to stand out I’ll wear bright yellow shirt that screams look at me. If I feel tired I would wear just some some comfy jeans with a Hooded sweat shirt thats soft to the touch. I hardly ever try to follow the trends because they usually die with in a weeks time, but if I want to see whats in style I turn to the thick publications of vogue, In Style, Neon and Elle. With the right magazines in my hand I go on a fashion expedition. when I shop I try to buy stuff that looks expensive even though it sometimes isnt. Since I don’t have a lot of money I also shop at the flea markets, you never know what treasures you’ll find there. So basically fashion is one my many hobbys, and if you need a shopping buddy I’m here to give a helping hand.

    In the end I have many many passions but those are the closet to me and stand out the most in my mind. When im older im going to try to combine my 3 passions to create my dream job. So don’t be surprised if you see me in your favorite magazine or T.V. show. My passions are gonna take me places.