Crystal Castles


I love them

gonna see them

in march at the Roxy theater


Moving Units rocked my sockes

Moving Units brought the house down

man the played all of my favorite songs like X and Y, birds of prey

available, and bricks, mortar

radical posture and war tapes played too

and they were cool too

man so hyphy when the show started

My friends Tandra, kikto, and jassy went with me

and we all got crunk to the techno beats


next show crystal castles

can’t wait



Got my ticket

I finally got my ticket to see moving units ahhhhhhh

man I’m so happy tomorrow is gonna be so chill

I’ma push my way to the front row

and get hella crunk

Time is running out!


I still haven’t bought my ticket for moving units

man i hope they aren’t sold out

but if it is I’ll just buy a ticket for emery

there pretty good too

but I’m still hoping they aren’t sold out

cause im gonna miss out on a great show

Moving Units



JAN 26


!!!!!!!!!!!!GONNA GET HYPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Circa at the Glass house



 kicked ass at the glass house

man when they went on stage the crowed went crazy

I went crowed surfing and landed in the front row

man I am never gonna forget that night especially when he played

acoustic it was to die for. the next show Im gonna go to next

is moving units there playing at the glass house too

its gonna be on jan 26 tickets are already on

sale so I better snag one quick

later im out


My Favorite Bands

circa survive, Crystal castles, the sounds,  chiodos, the blood brothers ,moving units,

heavy heavy low low, haste the day, belanova, Tegan and Sara, the klaxons, the faint,

cobra starship, gravy train, enter shikari, bring me the horizon, as I lay dying, rufio,

polysics, rupaul, emery, go go 7188, g 3oh!, yeah yeah yeahs, paramore, yelle,

dead or alive, feist, hawk nelson, the sounds of animals fighting, TM revolution,

mana, Lucinana, the devil wears Prada, Scenic Reunion, the subways, venga boys,

fear before the march of flames, Pierce the veil, deer hunter, the almost,

suger and gold, morning wood, I monster, frou frou, kidnapping the city

War tapes, radical posture, under oath, devo, aiden, scary kids scaring kids

metro station, mae





Circa survive tomorrow

one more day till circa survive

I just can’t wait hopefully I get to meet them again

I’m going with some of my good friends

so I know I’m gonna have a good time

I’m gonna 2 step till I drop


About me

Shows are my life. I got to alot of shows with my friends. I recently went to warped tourwith my friends and saw my fav band Circa Survive. I was front row, but the bad thig was that people kepptpushing us and we almost got smashed.Two weeks after that I went to project revolution and saw saosinbut shortly after i got pushed to the back by some guy. After the show we try to meet the bands. So far I meet Chiodos and Circa survive, I took so many pictures with them I posted them on myspace. I spend alot of money on tickets ,albums and merchindise. The most i’ve spent so far is $250. What can I say I love the thrill of going to shows and there still so many I want to go to.