Fashion Guru

Fashion is my way of expressing my self. I always try to dress the way I feel. If i want to stand out I’ll wear bright yellow shirt that screams look at me. If I feel tired i would wear just some some comfy jeans with a soft to the touch Hooded sweet shirt. I hardly ever try to follow the trends because they usually die with in a weeks time, but if I want to see whats in style i turn to the thick publications of vogue, In Style, Neon and Elle. With the right magazines in my hand I go on a fashion expedition. Since i don’t have a lot of money I also shop at the flea markets, you never know what treasures you’ll find there. so bascilly fashion is one my many passions, and if you need a shopping buddy I’m here to give a helping hand.


New shoes

yeah i got some new kicks yesterday and there so chill. I love them.

There blue with striped and straps on them

man if you saw my shoes you would be so jealous

They were kinda of expensive but so worth it

ahhhhhhhhh i love my new kicks